Microsoft have recently released the third major revision to the Windows 10 platform – internally codenamed the ‘Creators Update’, this release is the equivalent of what used to be known as a service pack. Although little has changed visually, under the hood there are a whole host of changes that make the system easier to use and far, far more reliable.

At MyTech Solutions we have delayed recommending Windows 10 [as an upgrade] to clients, due to various issues identified in previous releases. We are now pleased to report that with the release of Creators Update, we are now comfortable with clients making the move to Windows 10.

Who should upgrade?

As Windows 10 is the way forward (Windows 7 is no longer sold and Microsoft support will end in 2020), we now recommend upgrading to all our clients, UNLESS you fall into one of the following listed categories.

Windows 10 has major advances in security, performance and stability as well as being much easier to maintain and repair should something go wrong. There is now really no reason not to upgrade, other than the obvious cost and the resistance to change that is simple human nature.

Going forward IT systems, software, training manuals and indeed staff experience will increasingly be focused only on Windows 10 – so if you don’t change, you will eventually be left behind. The ultimate ‘deadline’ is 2020, as Microsoft will withdraw all support, security fixes etc. at that time.

Who should NOT upgrade?

Having said all of the above, Windows 10 is not for everyone. If you have very old software or hardware that hasn’t been updated in years, it may not be compatible with the security changes featured in Windows 10. Until you can upgrade or replace these legacy systems, upgrading may simply not be an option.

Windows 10 works best on a modern PC. If your computer is more than a few years old, Windows 10 will not perform as well as Windows 7 on the same PC. Therefore, the best strategy for older PC’s would be to plan to replace old with new, rather than upgrading. Modern PC’s feature many design improvements such as SSD hard drives, low power CPU’s, additional Memory and also are available in smaller sizes, hence taking up less desk or floor space. An upgraded PC can also help improve productivity through increased speed, and of course a new PC will come with a warranty for peace of mind.

Obviously there is are costs involved in any upgrade; please contact us for advice relevant to your specific environment. Some user training may also be required as windows 10 looks and works a little differently.

MyTech Solutions can provide advice on the above that is tailored to your specific computers, software and IT systems; please contact us to discuss your needs.