NSW Transport loses legal battle over Opal tracking

NSW Transport loses legal battle over Opal tracking

Transport for NSW has lost a legal challenge to its collection of data about the movements of Opal users.

NSW resident Nigel Waters launched the legal battle in 2016 after taking issue with the department’s decision to make registration of gold (senior/pensioner) and silver (concession) cards mandatory, meaning the cards are linked to an identifiable person.

Registration is not compulsory for the adult cards that make up the bulk of the public transport network, nor child/ youth cards.

But registered Opal cards also create an “activity statement” of the user’s journeys – a record of their travel history over the previous 18 months.

Waters raised issue with the inability of concession Opal card users to avoid having a record of their physical movements across public transport created and linked to their identity.

For more detailed information regarding the Opal Tracking, please see. www.itnews.com.au