NBN Co to run 5G tests in Melbourne

NBN Co to run 5G tests in Melbourne

NBN Co is set to conduct its own 5G tests with networking vendor Ericsson in part of its prime 3.5GHz spectrum holdings.

Chief technology officer Ray Owen said the company would “use these tests to find out more about the technology and how it can help us deliver better services to our fixed wireless end users across Australia”.

“We know that 5G will enable much faster speeds than 4G but at nbn we also know better than anyone about how much data end users are consuming and some of the challenges on putting that data capacity onto fixed wireless network,” Owen said.

“Today, NBN Co is operating in excess of 2500 fixed wireless (macro sites) across Australia providing LTE fixed wireless access to 225,000 end users across the country.

“It is in this vein we have a close interest in 5G for our fixed wireless footprint in understanding the technology and economics of a 5G upgrade path.”

For more detailed information regarding the 5G tests, please see. www.itnews.com