Modern WiFi devices now open to attack

Modern WiFi devices now open to attack

WPA2, a protocol that secures almost all modern WiFi networks, has now been discovered to contain some serious vulnerabilities that can be exploited by anyone within WiFi range.
Using Key Reinstallation Attacks (KRACKs), an attacker can read any data that is sent or received by a particular device over the wireless network and even manipulate data without ever knowing the password to the network.
Previous to this discovery, all data transmitted wirelessly over the network was assumed to be safely encrypted using the WPA2 protocol.

As this weakness is located in the protocol standard itself, rather than specific implementation, it is safe to assume that all modern WiFi devices with correctly implemented WPA2 protocol are affected by some sort of variant of the attack.

There is currently no immediate, universal hotfix for this issue so all we can do is wait for security updates to be released for all our wireless devices (such as laptops, phones and tablets) and to download them as they become available.

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October 17, 2017