Microsoft Docs site leaking sensitive info

Microsoft Docs site leaking sensitive info

Users of Microsoft’s website took to Twitter to complain after files marked as private were made public by the sites’ search function.

In response, Microsoft pulled the search feature from the site, but it is now back up and running. Even during the time it was not possible to search the site directly, Google and Bing searches could still be conducted to reveal social security numbers, job applications, contact details, and other private information.

The documents can be viewed in a web browser and downloaded, and can also be shared by viewers who don’t have to be logged in, on social media and via email.

A Microsoft spokesperson offered the below comment:

“ lets customers showcase and share their documents with the world. As part of our commitment to protect customers, we’re taking steps to help those who may have inadvertently published documents with sensitive information. Customers can review and update their settings by logging into their account at”

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March 28, 2017