Medibank claims Australia-first digitised card for claims

Medibank claims Australia-first digitised card for claims

Medibank is claiming an Australian-first, with the release this week of a digitised membership card for customers using Android phones, enabling them to claim on-the-spot refunds through HICAPS terminals.

The initiative will allow Medibank customers with NFC-enabled Android phones to tap and claim across 35,000 HICAPS terminals used in more than 20,000 healthcare practices and medical centres nationwide.

Medibank chief customer officer David Koczkar said customers would now have more choice and flexibility when using their cover and making on-the-spot claims with their mobile phone.

“We’re developing innovative technology for our customers so it’s simpler and easier and we’re giving our customers the option of going wallet-free.

“Medibank customers don’t even need to have the app open to get started. Once the feature is activated, they can just unlock their device and tap it at the terminal.”Medibank says it has been working in partnership with the National Australia Bank to create innovative solutions which make using health cover easier.

NAB chief customer experience officer Rachel Slade said: “As Australia’s largest business bank, we are continually looking for ways to improve the customer experience and this digitised card payment solution will deliver an easy and convenient option for customers to manage their healthcare consultation.”

Medibank says later this year, its customers will also be able to get a quote for some of the most popular extras treatments on their Android and iPhone apps.

Koczkar said with more than 12,000 customers a month calling Medibank’s customer care team for extras quotes, customers would now be able to get a quote “when and where they need it”.

“Customers will be able to see on their phone how much of their claim Medibank will cover and what the out-of-pocket cost will be before visiting a provider.

“Both new capabilities support our customers with innovative and simpler solutions, making it easier for customers to get more value from their extras.”

Medibank says that both new products will complement existing features such as tools to assist with finding a provider, viewing limits and claims history, as well as submitting claims online or via the app.

Original article from ITWire