Virus Alert
Cryptolocker Malware

This new type of nasty generally arrives as an email disguised as a legitimate message from a Bank, Supplier or legal body, and is designed to trick you into clicking a link or opening an attachment. The emails often look legitimate, copying the look, font, colours and logos of the business they’re purporting to be, and also faking the email address they’re sent from.
The link or attachment contains a malicious program that will encrypt all your files then demand a ransom to give you your data back. Generally these nasties are undetectable by traditional anti-virus, so the best deference is in being educated – knowing how to detect and avoid these Ransomware emails is now a critical skill for anyone using email.Things to look for:

  • The email will frequently not be addressed to your correct business name and address, but rather be worded generically or informally e.g. just using your first name or “dear sir” or nothing at all. Legitimate senders will(normally) personally address their communications.

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